Nu-Rex "Ah-Ooga-Ha" Horn Restorer

Upgrading the Model "A's" electrical system from 6V to 12V has its advantages. But there's also a downside to consider-your horn's distinctive sound is gone and no amount of adjusting will bring it back. The problem is caused by the 6 volt horn motor running at a much higher RPM with 12 volts applied.

A new product, the "Ah-Ooga-Ha" Horn Restorer from Nu-Rex, not only solves the problem, but does it for less than $20.00. As a bonus, no modifications are required to the horn, existing horn wires, or car mounting holes.

The device does its job by dropping the horn voltage to 6 volts, resulting in normal motor RPM and restoring that wonderful "Ah-Ooga-Ha" sound you know and love!

The "Ah-Ooga-Ha" Horn Restorer comes with prewired "bullet" connectors and all hardware needed to mount the device out of sight inside the chassis frame rail. Constructed of high quality parts, including a black anodized aluminum heatsink, the Horn Restorer is designed for years of trouble free service.

Step by step illustrated instructions make installation easy and no wire cutting, stripping, or soldering is required.