Nu-Rex History

Nu-Rex designs, develops, manufactures, distributes and services original and unique products for antique Model A Fords.

Nu-Rex is the first successful company to produce devices to correct timing, ignition and electrical generation problems for the Model A Ford which required solutions not previously corrected in the past 60 years of existence.

Nu-Rex began in 1990 when Bob Gay and Bernie Abrams collaborated on some designs to improve the Model A Ford performance. It became obvious that Henry Ford's 1920s design were limited to the technology of the time, including performing regular maintenance procedures. The Nu-Rex interest was to incorporate technology advancements into new products following the 60-year introduction of the Model A. These new products had to eliminate maintenance, improve dependability, reliability, and increase performance. They had to incorporate current state-of-the-art methods, be elegant in design, and simple to install. To retain the authentic Ford appearance they had to be identical in exterior appearance or be hidden from view.

Bernie Abrams is an electrical engineer, physicist, industrial leader and a former Naval officer and has held many industrial positions which included general manager, Gould Advanced Development Division; research and development manager, vice president of engineering, chief scientist, member of Corporate Scientific Review Committee, technical director and vice president of Federal Systems Division and consulting scientist of the Defense Systems Group.

In those positions he directed an engineering staff of over 500 people who designed aircraft, surface ship, and submarine launched anti-ship and anti-submarine homing missile systems. His experience covers all types of engineering systems (acoustics, transducers, electronics, signal processing, electrical power generation, control, propulsion, and hydrodynamics).

In recognition of his 30 plus patents and many achievements in the field of underwater weapons systems, Bernie was presented with the David Bushnell Award in 1987 for his inventiveness and contributions to defense preparedness of the free world. He was a motorcycle and Corvette stock car racer and became interested in the antique Ford problems in 1990.

Bob Gay is an avid car collector. He has been involved in the restoration and preservation of antique cars for many years, the past 25 of which have been primarily devoted to Model A Ford restoration and promotion of the hobby. Bob is an active member of MAFCA, MARC and AACA auto clubs and has held vice president, technical director and librarian positions. The automobile has always been his passion.

Bob has restored cars for museums and private collections including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Cadillac and Ford. He has also built cars involved in road rallies including a recent London-to-Jerusalem car rally. He is a General Motors trained auto collision technician. Bob has also worked in the aerospace field in the area of surface coatings for the protection of F-16, stealth fighter, B-1 and B-2 bomber components along with many other aircraft parts. With attention to detail and trained production practices, Bob is the production and manufacturing arm to Bernie's inventive direction and design.

This combined contribution of creativeness and production prowess has already benefitted the Model A hobby and will help to promote its preservation into the next millennium.

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