Ah-Ooga-Ha Horn Restorer

Item#: A-1383
Price each: $28.75


Created for using an original 6 volt horn in a 12 volt electrical system with no modification to the horn. This device is connected into a Model A 12 volt horn wiring causing a 6 volt drop so the horn voltage, current, and RPM return to the original 6 volt requirement. The AH-OOGA-HA horn restorer comes with pre-wired bullet connectors and all hardware needed to mount the device out of sight inside the chassis frame rail. Constructed of high quality parts, including a black anodized aluminum heatsink. The Horn Restorer is designed for years of trouble free service. Step-by-step illustrated instructions make installation easy and no wire cutting, stripping, or soldering is required. This is a genuine Nu-Rex product.

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