Nu-Rex Ignition Switch


“Not all replacement switches are the same”

The NuRex “pop-out-look-alike” Ignition Switch is identical in appearance to the original Ford “pop-out” switch, although it does not provide the “pop-out” motion. The NuRex “pop-out-look-alike” ignition switch fastens to the original dash just like the authentic “pop-out” and has the original nickel plated brass key hole and bezel just like Ford made but it is a REAL switch and not just a grounding device like the original “pop-out”, and because it is a real switch it can also be used with transistor ignitions when standard original “pop-out” switches cannot be used due to the damaging grounding effects on transistors. The NuRex “pop-out-look-alike-switch” is the first choice for many when a new replacement switch is necessary simply because it looks authentic and is a real switch.

The original Ford “pop-out” switches were also grounding devices and were originally designed to be an anti-theft device when used with the heavy flex conduit connected to the distributor. The function was to ground the points when the key was turned off and then make it very difficult to access the ignition switch wire so hot wiring theft was difficult.

Today these original switchers are failing due to age and are becoming less dependable. Many replacement switches available today require modification to the original dash or involve exposed or non-original fasteners on the outside of the dash which spoils the authentic appearance of the dash.

The NuRex modern “pop-out-look-alike” replacement ignition switch is an actual modern upgrade switch that can be used with any ignition system, requires no modification to the dash or car, preserves the original Model A Ford appearance, restores dependability and provides the versatility to modernize other areas of the ignition in the future.

The heavy flex conduit wire is also available and sold separately.