Pop-Out Look-Alike Ignition Switch

Item#: A-11575-EM
Price each: $58.95


Constructed with modern American made components, this ON-OFF assembly is identical in appearance to the "Pop-Out" from the driver's side of the dash. It mounts in the identical manner as the original and operates with distinct "detent" action. It can be used with any of the armored cable or wiring configurations and ignitions shown in the catalog. Also available with authentic armored cable and ferrule to screw into the distributor body. This combination replaces the entire "Pop-Out" switch and cable with modern components but still looks completely authentic. Complete with instructions and two keys. "Genuine Nu-Rex".

If you are considering a replacement ingition switch for your Model A, check out the "Not All Ignition Switches Are The Same" article within the Technical Information section.

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