Nu-Rex Nu-Wrench

Item#: A-12210-CX
Price each: $11.50


The Nu-Rex Nu-wrench is without question the world's fastest ignition timing tool and it is made just for Model A’s. Don’t mistake this new tool for any from the past, it is brand new. No other Model A timing tool or timing procedure has ever been this fast or this easy to perform and only minimal knowledge of engine timing is required to time an engine. You just follow the few simple steps and the Nu-Wrench does the rest. The price for this new tool is also minimal. This will be the tool that every Model A owner will want to keep handy in his car. The Nu-Rex Nu-Wrench will not replace the Nu-Rex precision timing kit as it is still the most precise timing system and ignition trouble shooting package kit available. But, if you want to get your Model A running in a hurry the Nu-Rex Nu-Wrench is the right tool for the job! This is a genuine Nu-Rex product, made in the USA.

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