Alternator (6 volt)

Item#: A-10001-A
Price each: $279.00


All NEW GM type, one connection 6 volt positive ground alternator. Features: (30 AMP) output; new rotor and slip rings; US made front and rear high quality sealed bearings; sealed custom designed OEM type regulator; brush housing and OEM type brushes and springs, diode trio, main rectifier and heat sink assembly; Max-R Pulley delivering 3 times engine speed; new windings; engine mounting bracket; belt tensioner, and instructions. Units are finished in a Model A black paint.  These units are now supplied with NEW engine mounting H bracket with forward and rearward belt adjustability.  No used parts are involved in constructing Nu-Rex Alternators.

If you are considering a 6V alternator for your Model A, check out the  6V positive ground upgrade article within the Technical Information section.

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